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Love & Care Exceptional Children’s Childcare LLC.


Covid-19 Policies and Procedures

  • Commercial Cleaning Products will be used daily to sanitize. Jan Pro Cleaning and Disinfecting will be providing a specialized Covid-19 cleaning system prior to Events. Weekday cleanings will be maintained by my Staff and I, using products recommended by Jan Pro.

  • Drop off and Pick up will be curbside only. No Parents will be allowed to enter the facility.

  • Temperature Checks will be completed for staff and attendees, before entering the facility. Temp must be below 100.4.

  • All Staff will be required to wear a mask, per CDC Guidelines. Staff will also be vaccinated or provide a negative COVID test result the day before Events begin.

  • Handwashing will take place upon arrival, before and after activities, and before and after eating a snack/meal.

  • Sanitizing Stations will be in each classroom. 

  • All tables/restrooms and high traffic areas will be sanitized every hour. Toys and recreational equipment will be sanitized each day.

  • Attendees will be advised to maintain social distancing and/or at least arm’s length apart.

  • Attendees will remain with the same group each day, to allow contact tracing.

  • Parents will be notified if a Staff Member tests positive and has been within 6ft of their child.

  • Please notify us if anyone in your household test positive for Covid-19.

  • Anyone who tests positive, must quarantine and return 14 days after no symptoms persist.

  • If someone in your household test positive for Covid-19, please quarantine your child. You will not lose your slot.

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